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Friday, February 8, 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Boiler Room - Lisbon!

I bet everyone loves it. 
Even who don't know yet what it is.

Boiler Room is about to beat the streets on Lisbon, Portugal on the 15th February.

Place, Line-up and streaming time is being stablished by Red Bull Music Academy.

More infos soon!

One of my favourites is Lunice and his 45min Dj Set.

Giraffage - Close 2 Me

Another great tune from Giraffage - Close 2 Me - that is a sneak preview of the next Album being released at February 12th, "Needs" it will be the name of it.


Sky Walker - Casio Black Series

Casio Black Series

Gotta love it.

Black & Red is master.

Michael Lovisa - Empty EP

Born in Italy.1987, Michael Lovisa is a composer and producer who mixes acoustic and electronic sounds into a delicate, smooth and soft vibes, that takes your head into a dance of feelings and memories.

The Empty EP was released last September by Digital Lab Records and it is supported and played in many places, such as:

- Dj Shadow
- Mountain Chill Radio (U.S.A)
- Just Chillin Radio Show (Australia)
- Big City Nights Radio Show (Greece)
- Chilled Radio (UK)
- Firmament - Above the clouds Radio Show (Russia)
- SpacesFm (UK)
- DJ Koja
- Joce M (TM Radio)
- Radio Mystic (U.S.A.)
- Buzzoutroom Radio (Canada)
- After Nights and Enviroment Radio Show (Mexico)
- SexTone & HeartMan

My favourite of Empty Ep
Upstairs, in the basement

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vélocité Café

Vélocité Café

Lisbon surprises me all the time.

Repair Shop - Bicycles - Coffee

YYU - I Haven't Left

YYU - I Haven't Left

Awesome tune for a rainy like this @ Lisbon.

Submerse - Algorithms and Ghosts


Algorithms and Ghosts 
Release Date: 15/03/2013

"I took a lot of inspiration from 3 main points of Tokyo City."

Drop it.

Night Night


Flying Lotus - Tiny Tortures

Flying Lotus

Just another pleasant surprise from Flying Lotus

 - Tiny Tortures -

taken from the new album - Until the Quiet Comes  -

and honestly my favourite of the whole set.

Sky Walker - Such an Amazing Store

Sky Walker

Such an amazing store deep down in Lisbon's Heart - Bairro Alto.

Just love everything there.

Some of the Top Choices

Barbour - Blaxton Shirt

Komono Watch

Pointer Shoes

SBTRKT - Atomic Peace

Just an amazing track from SBTRKT to chill before you go to bed.